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What is the Best Way to Approach an Aged Care Resident?

One of the first lessons new recruits to aged care should learn is how to approach the residents. In our day-to-day lives outside of aged care, this is not something many of us give much thought to. But in aged care, how the residents are approached requires sensitivity and thought. The health conditions many residents live with, such as dementia, can cause some residents to become easily surprised or alarmed. They may feel more easily threatened, or they may have compromised spatial awareness. It may be easy to startle a resident if they are not wearing their hearing aid. For …
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Food For Thought: The Importance of Food & Nutrition for Our Residents

When it comes to nutrition, elderly people are in an extremely unique situation when compared to other age demographics. The majority of our lives are spent making daily choices in regards to food and health, with the viewpoint that the quality of our decisions will have a direct outcome on our overall well being in the future. Whereas old age is the living breathing culmination of a lifetime’s worth of nutritional choices and an unforgiving exposé of the manner in which you chose to live your life. There are a number of myths surrounding those in the elderly age bracket, …
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Understanding the complexity of grief

Grief can be a complicated and challenging journey. For those that have gone through periods of grief, many describe that they have felt lost in a sea of it. It is vitally important that when speaking about grief and its complexities that the utmost kindness, gentleness and tact be used. If you are currently experiencing grief we want to acknowledge it, we want you to know that you are cared for, thought of, and while we don’t know where you are in your journey, we want to be alongside you for it. Experts from the whole spectrum of psychological study …
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Exciting Parkinson’s Surgery Development

Parkinson’s disease is a condition that continues to challenge thousands of Australians every year. Many have spoken of the challenging consequences of the tremors they experience, desperate for relief. While a cure for Parkinson’s is still being researched, an exciting new development has started to be rolled out at Royal Melbourne Hospital. A newly improved surgical technique is having wondrous results for many who have craved reprieve for years. Deep Brain Stimulation Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is a neurological therapy and surgery operated on the brain. While the technique is not new, having been used for the last two decades, …
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Why Empathy Is Important In Life And Care

Why Empathy Is Important In Life And Care The world has seen and experienced inexplicably dark times. These dark times have happened across continents, people groups and periods in history. One feature arguably unites every instance and that is the utter breakdown in empathy. Empathy is defined as “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.” Empathy has long been a crucial element of humanity. Countless scientists, academics, authors, creatives and professionals across every discipline have sought to understand what makes us humans tick and what helps us live our best lives. Dr Helen Riess of the Empathy …
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How the New Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission impacts every single person connected to aged care

With the passing of legislation in Parliament comes a new dawn for the Australian Aged Care industry. The nation’s first independent Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission has been established and this means change. As a collective industry, down to individual centres and individual service personnel, many of us have grieved at the stories of neglect and substandard care. What the new commission brings, in addition to increased funding, enforcement officers and tighter policy, is what our vulnerable seniors need and will always need, excellence in care, excellence in protection and a championing of their humanity. It is to this …
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Listening to the insight of care staff

There are many components that go into securing and maintaining excellence in aged care. From making sure that organisational systems are working smoothly and schedules run on time, through to ensuring that all the boxes have been ticked regarding policy changes, a lot is going on. Yet at the heart of all the bustle, it is arguably those on the front line, the carers and nurses working in the daily routine that bring and see a much needed quality, humanity. Scientific studies that have taken a look at the lives, input and wisdom of carers, have only fortified the notion …
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Understanding sepsis and its wide reaching effects

Understanding sepsis in adults and the wide ranging effects it has later in life is a significant step to overcoming the challenging condition and pursuing preventative measures. Scientific studies have been uncovering long term challenges to the physical and mental functioning of the body after a struggle with sepsis. Unfortunately as we age, the likelihood of sepsis occurring increases. Not only is there a need to work towards preventing sepsis but particularly preventing the considerable consequences it has long term on the body. While the findings display worrying elements when it comes to the effects of sepsis, it is in …
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How to support people living with dementia through their symptoms

Many carers, nurses and employees in the aged care sector have spoken of having to navigate tricky areas when it comes to residents with challenging symptoms. While many residents may be acting out due to circumstances out of their control, carers regularly have to deal with challenging situations with emotional and physical factors at play. It is important to acknowledge the difficulties faced by carers so as to provide a space of transparency, affirmation and importantly solution based resources. It’s Difficult For All Carers Rowan Harwood, Consultant Geriatrician and Professor of Geriatric Medicine and Health Care of older persons at …
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How ‘oldpreneurs’ are fighting ageism one business at a time

The stigma of old age has long held a restraining force over the world’s seniors. Going even further than a dismissive hand, much of Western society and thought has set the tone that when it comes to the new, when it comes to the progressive and successful, it is the domain of the young and hungry. When the magazines run a spread on the up and coming entrepreneurs to watch, a slew of young dapper men will commonly grace the pages. Yet in spite of the tone laid down by a large portion of the business world, there is a …
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