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At Autumn Aged Care we support every one of our residents to live well.

Living well is our mantra at Autumn Aged Care, and our residents live well thanks to our clinical excellence, personalised attention, and the way we create the positive and happy feeling of a real home. Autumn Aged Care is a medium-sized, Melbourne based family owned and operated service. We go out of our way to make residents’ lives meaningful and truly connected. Our staff know our residents’ names and preferences and residents and families know both our staff and the senior management team (who regularly spend time at each home to improve our services and deliver on our promises.

Clinically and medically, residents are supported to Live Well with general practitioners, gerontologists and physiotherapists visiting daily during convenient daytime hours and an extensive specialist referral network. Nutritionists, podiatrists, speech therapists and dentists also visit regularly. We provide high quality:

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Autumnaged Care

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