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3 Films To Watch On A Rainy Day: 1950s Edition

Autumnaged Care

3 Films To Watch On A Rainy Day: 1950s Edition

Visiting a loved one in an aged care facility can sometimes be tricky, especially when it’s bucketing down outside! Taking into consideration factors such as limited mobility, set schedules for services and possibly changing moods at the time you visit, it can sometimes feel as if your options are very limited. A trick to navigating the area of visiting your loved one in a RACFs is to have a few options up your sleeve. Films, especially films from your loved ones favourite eras, can be really strong contenders for a fun and entertaining rainy day. They don’t demand much movement, can be watched in the comfort of your loved ones room and can be paused if services need to be administered.

The possibilities are endless for making films day fun and exciting. You can ask your loved one if they want you to surprise them each time or if they want to pick a decade that you can choose from.  You can bounce around the categories, romance one week, westerns the next. Many of these films may be foreign to you and so the experience of watching them with your loved one may be as rewarding for you as your loved one. Many studies have shown that films, songs and media from someone’s youth has an incredibly powerful ability to bring deep memories to the surface. Encourage your loved one talking about what they remember of that time and if they even fancied the main actor!

1950s Edition: Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn will continue to endure as one of cinema’s most mesmerising actors. Gliding around in a ballgown, or zooming around on a scooter of some kind, she has left a legacy of comedy, beauty and class. Here are three films to start with when delving into the cinema of the 50s!

Roman Holiday

This films has it all. Forbidden romance, royalty, Europe, hilarious escapades and of course, Gregory Peck. A princess finds herself, for the first time, able to go about a day without a crowd of assistants and advisors telling her what to do. Set in Rome, the eternal city, it’s a whirlwind of humour, culture, hilarity and love. A must see for any soul who’s game for a new haircut, scooter ride around Rome and a good chuckle.

Sabrina (1954)

With beautiful ball gowns, grumpy older brothers refusing to love and a love triangle that ensues hilarity, Sabrina is a darling film with wit and rich characters to boot. With a soaring soundtrack, gorgeous French fashion and the question of whether true love will triumph will have you on your toes with excitement the whole way through.

Funny Face

Set in the city of lights, Funny Face delivers with song, dance in almost every category, Fred Astaire being utterly charming and Audrey again delivering a performance to remember. Audrey Hepburn is  book store clerk that finds herself in the clutches of an ambitious fashion magazine editor intent on making her a star. Pulled between the world of high fashion and what she really wants, Funny Face is a glorious journey of style, being true to yourself and unexpected love that can be just around the corner.

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