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Aged Care advice on safe, independent and active lifestyles

We offer a vibrant Leisure and Lifestyle program that encourages community spirit, fun, health and wellbeing with an array of varied activities to ensure there is something for everyone. Aged care advice for the most appropriate activities is recommended.

Autumn Aged Care proudly provides:

  • Accommodation services – furnishings, bedding, general laundry, toileting, cleaning services, all meals, maintenance of buildings and grounds and the provision of staff on call to provide emergency assistance.
  • Personal care services – assistance with the activities of daily living such as bathing, toileting, eating, dressing, moving around, maintaining continence or managing incontinence, rehabilitation support and assistance in obtaining health and therapy services.
  • Nursing services – medication management and administration, wound care, other treatments and procedures. Our nursing staff at our homes will manage these for you.
  • Leisure and Lifestyle services– Leisure and Lifestyle program
  • Other services – we also provide pastoral care, emotional well-being and support, extensive education for families on disease progression and access to some of the best-aged care specialists in Melbourne.
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Considering aged care for yourself or a loved one? We’re here to help.

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