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Staff Benefits

Staff Benefits

We recognise our service is only as good as our staff


Aged care vacancies and Career progression opportunities

As a growing and progressive organisation with ongoing aged care vacancies, Autumn Aged Care gives staff opportunities to develop their careers to their preferred level. We always seek to promote from within before looking outside the organisation. To help staff reach their potential we also offer career coaching.

An engaging and satisfying work environment

We nurture a caring, compassionate, progressive and customer focussed organisational culture. Autumn Aged Care has a very low turnover of staff as we value the qualities, skills and experience of our people. With experience comes deeper connections with customers and residents, and staff equally benefit from more meaningful engagement with our residents.

Aged Care Vacancies

DNA Wellness and Nutrition Testing/Profiling

Healthy staff are happy staff. As a leading healthcare provider, Autumn Aged Care is proud to make the latest innovative healthcare practices available to staff. The age of individualised healthcare is here and we want our staff to have access to DNA health and nutrition profiling so they can lead the healthiest life possible and be in the best health to care for customers.

Living Well  – Health and Wellness Program

At Autumn Aged Care we want our staff to be vibrant and healthy in mind and body. The evidence is clear that physical activity is associated with multiple emotional and physical health benefits. Autumn Aged Care provides a $600 per annum rebate to staff who are active in :

  • Gym membership or other similar physical exercise programs
  • Quit Smoking programs including patches, hypnotherapy and the like
  • DNA Medication Compatibility Testing (separate from wellness & nutrition) valued at $100 results are private and confidential (DNA test is optional)
  • Weight Loss programs

Targeted Re-conditioning

There are times that staff may lose some level of fitness and strength. To ensure staff can continue to work without putting themselves at risk, we work with them to get them back to their best. Staff who can benefit from re-conditioning are offered personal training to build strength and increase activity levels.

Great Christmas Parties

Autumn Aged Care staff spend their year caring for others so it is natural the Christmas party is an opportunity to let their hair down and celebrate the fantastic work and experiences of the past year.

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