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About Autumn

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The Autumn Difference – Clinical excellence in aged care facilities


Ross Ferris the owner and CEO had an idea back in 2001 while studying his masters of business administration, this idea has progressed to be Autumn Aged Care – now a leading residential aged care facilities provider. Aged care in 2001 was the domain of small single home operators and a few larger church groups. Autumn Aged Care identified that developing a regional footprint in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula would benefit service quality greatly and allow the culture of excellence in the practice of aged care facilities like Autumn Aged Care to thrive by:

  • Making the service home focused but part of a thriving regional network with an accessible community
  • Residents benefit from innovations in service and technology, shared rapidly as homes in the group are only approximately 30 minutes away from each other
  • Practice leaders while being part of their home are proud to share their knowledge and educate others across all homes promoting a thirst for best practice
  • Autumn Aged Care home leaders including Directors of Nursing, Clinical Care and Lifestyle Coordinators meet regularly to share ideas and support each other
  • Autumn Aged Care executives encourage an environment of continuous improvement in our residences and ensure they are in touch with resident and staff needs and issues

The Autumn model is the natural model of service for residential aged care facilities. Large operators and widely distributed charitable groups are not able to provide the level of person-centred care and respond to resident and staff need as Autumn Aged Care does. Culturally Autumn Aged Care is programmed to respond and put the resident first and doing so is not an extra it’s what we exist to do.

Autumn Aged Care has translated all we have learned about residential aged care in the first 8 years of our existence into our newly built, modern, purpose designed exquisitely finished aged care facilities.

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