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The Autumn Aged Care model of care includes a strong focus on qualified and experienced staff with extensive aged care knowledge. Each home has smaller identified communities with dedicated staff rostered to provide consistency in care, this support residents and staff partnering in care and creates strong relationships.

To support our mission of Excellence, Every Resident, Every Time, each Autumn Aged Care community model of care works according to the industries-leading practice of community-based nursing and services.

This means that each staff member works with the same residential community each time they come to work. This methodology enhances continuity of care with and the development of strong partnership connections between residents and staff. The aged care model results in active, nurturing and trusting relationships between clients, family and team members, ensuring residents choices, needs and preferences are understood and met.

Our commitment to these our values allows us to deliver the highest standards of care within the smaller communities of a larger residence with a focus on a culture of inclusion and respect for residents, whilst holding privacy and dignity as the highest priority

Autumn Care residential homes are support by a management team inclusive of an Executive Director of Nursing who is a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Gerontology (Honours) and an Executive Quality and Education Manager, both are nurses with many years of experience in aged care.

The Clinical and Care Structure of Residential Aged Care Homes at Autumn Aged Care is led by a Director of Nursing. The Management team includes Clinical Care Coordinators, Quality and Education Coordinator, ACFI Coordinator, Clinical Team Leaders for each community for daily operations and the coordination of clinical care. Registered Nurses are on site providing care provision 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

E-Case is used as a care software program to capture all care requirements of residents where consultation on developing care plans is based on resident need, goals and preferences. Care monitoring includes daily alerts for any variation to expected care

Other features of our service include:

  • All medication is managed via a software program called Medsig, reducing risk and errors.
  • Autumn Aged Care has pharmacy services and medication impress that can be accessed by Registered nurse at all times
  • Nutrition and dietary needs are supported by an Executive Chef who oversees menus and meal preparation and delivery to residents. A set menu ensures residents have choice, variety and nutritional needs are met. Menus are changed seasonally and prepared in consultation with a Dietitian.
  • Autumn Aged Care homes have onsite cafés for all residents and visitors to use for social gatherings, coffee and snacks.


Visiting Clinical and Medical Services:

General Practitioners (GP) visit on schedule and for urgent care requirements as needed. Residents have a choice of GP and locum services are available out of hours.

Gerontologists visit weekly (Gerontology is the study of the aging process and the problems that elderly individuals might encounter. Professionals in this field typically study and find ways to treat physical, mental, emotional, and social problems)

A full range of allied health services are on site or visit regularly such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, dietitian, podiatrist, dental, optometry.


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