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Autumn’s Approach

Autumn Approach

Excellence understanding and compassion in residential aged care

We believe it is the right of every Australian to have affordable access to high quality residential aged care services within a homely, safe, supportive and nurturing environment.

Our client’s interests always come first. We recognise and value the role of the resident’s family and carers and believe our residential aged care and services should enrich their lives. We always treat our clients as individuals and promote individual choice and decision making.

We take great pride in the professional quality of our work and have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in residential aged care.

residential aged care

We stress the need to continuously make sensible changes to how we operate. While recognising traditional ways may still be the best way, we strive to continually improve practices to deliver enhanced client service.

Our assets are our staff and reputation. We value and respect our staff, students and volunteers and aim to inspire them to further develop their knowledge and skills. We are dedicated to constantly developing both. We see ongoing training as a key platform and being the best we can be. Training opportunities are an important contribution and plank to deliver better services to enrich the lives of the residents we care for.

We deliver “personal services” and recognise we need the very best staff to achieve excellent outcomes. We make an exceptional effort to recruit the very best staff for every role and see our staff as individuals. We value every staff member in every role and offer our staff the opportunity to progress more rapidly than is possible in most other organisations. We embrace all staff without regard to race, age, gender or nationality.

We promote teamwork in everything we do. While individual performance is encouraged we have found that team effort will always produce better outcomes for our clients. We have no room for those that put personal interests above the interests of our clients.

We want to be big enough to be the best, yet small enough to maintain intimacy, loyalty and camaraderie.

Integrity, compassion and honesty are the heart of our services and our staff maintain high ethical standards in everything they say and do.

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