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We believe it is the right of every Australian to have affordable access to high quality residential aged care services within a homely, safe, supportive and nurturing environment that is able to meet the needs, goals, preferences and care requirements.

Our residents always come first. We recognise and value the resident’s family and/or other representatives in partnering with care, ensuring where relevant communication is strong in developing relationships.  We treat our residents as individuals and promote individual choice and decision making.

We take great pride in the professional quality of our work and have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in what we do. Excellence, Every Resident, Every Time.

We identify strongly with a continuous improvement philosophy, making sensible changes to how we operate where evidence and best practice drive our decision making. While recognising traditional ways may still be the best way, we strive to continually improve practices to deliver enhanced service and resident experience.

Autumn Aged Care recognises our staff as our greatest assets. We value and respect our staff, students and volunteers and aim to inspire them to further develop their knowledge and skills, becoming the best possible care team. We are dedicated to constantly developing both. We see ongoing training as a key platform and being the best, we can be. Training opportunities are an important contribution and plank to deliver better services to enrich the lives of the residents we care for. We make an exceptional effort to recruit the very best staff for every role and see our staff as valuable contributors to our positive culture. We embrace diversity in our workforce and provide a range of benefits, recognition and wellbeing programs to support our staff.

We promote teamwork in everything we do. While individual performance is encouraged, we have found that team effort will always produce better outcomes for our clients. We have no room for those that put personal interests above the interests of our residents.

We want to be big enough to be the best, yet small enough to maintain intimacy, loyalty and camaraderie.

Integrity, compassion and honesty are the heart of our services and our staff maintain high ethical standards in everything they say and do.

Autumn Aged Care homes offer a range of facility features to meet residents needs and preferences.

Living Spaces

Our open plan living, and dining areas are welcoming spaces for gathering with family and friends, featuring a mix of contemporary and classic décor with neutral tones. There are larger areas for group activities and watching TV and smaller spaces for private and quieter sitting and relaxing.

Our dining rooms catering for social dining experiences for each meal, residents may choose to dine in their rooms or other preferred spaces.

Bedroom Suites

There are a range of bedroom suites that offer private and personal spaces for residents. Many bedrooms receive abundant natural light through the private windows and glass doors providing direct access to the internal courtyards. Each room is furnished for comfort whilst providing the necessary requirements for delivery of excellent care. Residents are encouraged to bring personal items and decorate rooms to their preferences.

Ensuites provide direct access to modern and spacious bathroom facilities for personal care needs.

Large private suites all have access to a well-appointed ensuites with shower and facilities including a flat screen television, Foxtel, personally controlled heating and cooling as well as spacious inbuilt robes.

Gardens and Courtyards

Our homes are surrounded by welcoming garden spaces and lawn areas for all residents to enjoy the outdoors. Raised garden beds provide spaces for growing flower, vegetables and herbs for those green thumbs.

Paved courtyards provide private and shared spaces for relaxing, socialising and taking in some vitamin D (Sun Smart principles apply). Outdoor table and chairs provide for dining and activities. There are accessible balconies on the first floor providing access to the outdoors and fresh air.


Our homes have a dedicated hairdressing salon for residents. A visiting hair dresser provides fee for service hairdressing on a regular schedule of visits. Staff will provide support for booking appointments.


Coffee and snacks are available from our Café every day for residents and visitors to access. A range of sandwiches, cakes and delicious coffee and tea makes for a great place to catch up.

Living at Autumn Aged Care

Transitioning to living in residential care can be a challenging time for residents and families. A small welcome gift on arrival and meals for family and friends supports this transition.

We have developed a Resident Information Handbook to answer some questions and provide relevant information for supporting the transition and living in our residential home, please ask for one on your tour.

Some other helpful information is below:


You may have your own telephone (landline or mobile) for which you bear full financial responsibility.


Mail is distributed the day it is received.  Mail to be posted may be left in a stamped envelope and posted in the red mailbox in the foyer. Staff can assist residents to write letters, cards and emails or record messages.

Daily newspapers are available and are read and discussed as part of the programs we provide. Arrangements can be made with a local newsagency should you require your own newspaper or magazines. Please contact the Lifestyle staff for further information.

Cigarettes and alcohol

While smoking is discouraged and not permitted inside the building, designated smoking areas with ashtrays are available outside. For safety reasons, all residents are requested to leave lighters and cigarettes at the nurses’ station for storage and safekeeping.

While you may enjoy alcohol at any time, it is expected that you maintain a reasonable standard of behaviour.


We at Autumn Aged Care acknowledge the benefit of pets visiting.  We do not have our own pets but are happy for you to bring your pet to visit.  For the safety of all residents and staff, it is important that pets are on a lead or cats in a cat box.  As we have many residents that are unsteady on their feet it is important that we minimize the risk of trips and falls.  Pets should also be of a nature that is suitable for the needs of the elderly

Emergency Call System

A 24-hour emergency call system is accessible from all bedrooms, ensuites, bathrooms and living areas.

Fire Safety and Security

Personnel are trained in the latest fire safety techniques and processes, with refresher training and drills conducted annually.  Fire training is available for you as well; dates will be advertised.

The building is secured with a key coded entry at the entrance. Please use the intercom buzzer at the front door to gain entry to the building if after hours. The external doors are locked at 7:00 pm and opened at 6:30 am.


As part of our philosophy of continuous improvement, we welcome your comments on the care and services provided and the environment, and will promptly action any concerns or complaints you raise.


  • Provide us with valuable information to improve the care, services and environment we provide, and help us to know how we are tracking
  • Are posted with accounts or via email and distributed at Resident and Representative Home Management and Lifestyle Meetings
  • Results are tabled at the Resident and Representative Home Management and Lifestyle, and Board of Governance Meetings within two months of survey return.


Comments and Complaints

An important part of our quality program and meeting your expectations and needs, includes feedback from you, your family, friends and representatives.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with what we provide for you or how we provide it, we encourage you in the first instance to speak to the Management or staff on duty who will assist you.

  • You, your family, friends and representatives can raise issues of concern or make suggestions without fear of harassment, retaliation, repercussions or victimisation by completing a Have you say form available in the foyer and in resident rooms
  • Personnel can assist you to complete the forms
  • Place the form in the 'Comments and Complaints Box' in the foyer when completed.

Any concern or feedback raised will be fully investigated and a reply provided to you to ensure you are satisfied. All feedback is handled confidentially, and we encourage your feedback for suggestions, compliments and complaints.

Resident and Representative Home Management and Lifestyle Meetings

  • You, your family, friends and representatives are invited to attend 3 monthly meetings, which provide important opportunities to provide feedback to Management and receive information about us and services provided
  • Dates and times are posted in foyer and lounge notice boards, with reminders emailed
  • Minutes are available in foyer and lounge notice boards and emailed.


Meetings agendas include:

  • comments, complaints and feedback and the action taken
  • monitoring care and services such as incident reporting
  • management of quality indicators, such as infections and the use of antibiotics
  • quality reviews
  • reports on progression of improvements we are undertaking

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