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A diagnosis or symptoms of Dementia is one of the most common reasons for residents to enter residential aged care to specifically receive specialised and regular care. Living with dementia can be deeply challenging and an emotional experience for individuals and for family and friends.

Dementia is an umbrella term describing a group of symptoms that can occur together. It often refers to memory loss plus at least two of the following:

  • Difficulty performing familiar tasks
  • Word finding difficulties
  • Loss of initiative
  • Misplacing things, regularly
  • Problems with abstract thinking
  • Changes in moods or behavior
  • Disorientation of time and place poor or decreased judgment

Although the presentation of dementia symptoms can differ for each person, usually the onset is gradual and, in the early stages, this can make the symptoms difficult to confirm. It is important to note that memory loss and other symptoms of dementia are not a normal part of ageing.

When it comes to dementia care we take a proactive education approach with families to help them understand what to expect as the disease  progresses. We also provide information about support groups, individual counselling, and upcoming education sessions offered by Autumn Aged Care and organisations such as Dementia Australia. We also have in-house relative support meetings and social groups. Most importantly, our employees are there for you to talk to, as are other families and residents.

For further information regarding Dementia please ask one of our team members or find additional information and resources below. Dementia Australia Website:

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