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Craft Ideas to enjoy with residents: Button Lampshades

Autumnaged Care

Craft Ideas to enjoy with residents: Button Lampshades

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what you and your loved one or resident’s can do on a rainy afternoon.

A part from watching Humphrey Bogart in just about anything, it can easily seem that options are a bit thin on the ground.

While many residents will  still want to get their minds and hands involved with activities, it can be challenging to find activities that suit their mobility needs. Here are a few ideas that can keep minds, hands and creative tastes entertained for afternoons on end.

Lampshade Button Bonanza

One of the trickiest times to navigate is when your loved one has just moved into residential care.

There are usually many emotions they go  through (understandably) from sadness and frustration at having to leave the life they used to know.

One of the small ways that you can assist them with this move is to bring some long loved trinkets, items and decorative pieces to their new room.

Better yet, you can help them make something new out of items from home. Enter the lampshade button bonanza.

Either use an old lampshade or if your loved one is willing, turn a loved lampshade into something new.

You’ll need:

  1. An assortment of buttons – old, new, gold, multi-colored, red, orange, polka dot, plain ol’ black or neon blue. You can source from old buttons lying about the house or a good bet is to raid the button selection at your local op-shop.
  2. A lamp-shadeBunnings)  
  3. A glue gun + glue sticks / strong glue (These can easily be purchased on ebay or at
    1. Glue guns are relatively safe and children regularly handle them (with supervision), if you are concerned with your loved one handling the glue gun, you can always opt for a less strong glue or apply the glue yourself. The best part is creating the design or pattern of the buttons on the lamp-shade anyway!

Doing a craft can be a great way to get someone’s mind into a happy focussed place.

In the lead up to the activity ask them what kind of buttons they want you to look out for. The lead up to doing a craft can be as fun as actually doing it.

Set up your ‘workspace’ in the public area and get creative. Sometimes it can be helpful to get inspired. Ask your loved one or resident what their favourite colour is or animal and work around that. You can always show them pictures on your phone and chat about options.

Creating beautiful butterfly designs can be great fun or starting from a certain colour and then slowly working into another to create a fun gradient design.

The possibilities are endless and it is likely that you and your loved one will have a great time doing this craft.

Image: Crafts By Amanda

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