Autumnaged Care

Helpful things to know if you’re thinking about going into aged care.

Autumnaged Care

Helpful things to know if you’re thinking about going into aged care.

The demand for employees in aged care is at record heights. That need is only set to increase. While the statistics may point to a career in aged care being a no-brainer, the type of work involved in aged care means that it is helpful to take a closer look.

From activities that may need you to be physically fit to managing a resident that has complex needs, aged care work is both challenging and rewarding. For work that involves intimate care of a person, physically and emotionally, it is helpful for all involved that the heart, head and skills align. This so that our most vulnerable can get the best quality of care, which they need and deserve.

What do people working in the sector say?

Rosemary, a student who has been studying her Certificate III in Individual Support for aged care says, “You need empathy, patience, resilience and genuine passion because it’s a tough job. You must be honest, good at dealing with conflict, and prepared to speak up when things aren’t right to make sure your patients get the dignity and care they deserve. Don’t get into aged care if you’re lukewarm about it because in this sector you really need to care to succeed.”

Working and making a difference in aged care needs a heart that sincerely cares.

What do training experts have to say on aged care?

Training, an online platform for education courses nation wide, says that, “Taking care of the elderly or those with disabilities in the aged care industry may be one of the most demanding and challenging jobs within the health care sector. It also comes with many rewards and ample opportunities that can lead to a gratifying career.”

Do you have these traits?

Training talks about a set of skills that are incredibly useful when working in aged care. See if you naturally fall into some of the categories.

  1. You enjoy looking for ways to help people
  2. You want to understand why people are acting and reacting in a certain way
  3. You like listening to others and asking questions to find out more
  4. You generally just enjoy talking to others
  5. You find yourself monitoring how people and friends in your life are going and thinking up ways to help

What are the duties and responsibilities?

It can be helpful to listen to experienced staff and training courses in aged care. When it comes to thinking about if you’re a good fit, it can be useful to know what a ‘day in the life’ of an aged care employee looks like.

  1. Helping a resident through daily activities
  2. Helping residents with their mobility
  3. Helping to make food
  4. Brainstorming and scheduling social activities
  5. Housekeeping tasks: Vacuuming, cleaning and many others
  6. Helping residents with personal hygiene needs, like showering and dressing
  7. Being someone to talk to, a companion, a friend and emotional support
  8. Sometimes being on your feet for long periods of time and generally always on the go

What skills are significantly important

Training highlights five different skill areas that aged care workers use frequently. Ask yourself the following five questions to see where you stand in these areas.

  1. Are you service oriented?
  2. Are you socially perceptive and want to develop that skill?
  3. Do you like listening and helping people figure out what’s bothering them?
  4. Do you like speaking and chatting with people?
  5. Are you observant and can tell when someone is acting out of the ordinary?

Endurance is important

One of the lesser known elements of working in aged care is that while you don’t have to be the strongest, perseverance is key. Many employees speak of being on their feet for most of their shift, if you enjoy being on the go, then the fast pace of aged care may be for you.

Many dedicated personnel, who have been in aged care for decades, will say that while working in aged care is one of the hardest jobs they’ve done it is also the most rewarding. Coming alongside and serving people, that vulnerably and deeply rely on you, can be a steep learning curve but one that is incredibly rewarding and satisfying.

Autumnaged Care

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